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The Alluring Night of Las Vegas Helicopter


    Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps; a city with dazzling lights, flashing neon, luxurious resort hotels, endless traffic. But now, the view has completely changed. Now, people can view the city from a sky view within a helicopter.
    Through their website, I ordered a luxury helicopter night tour of Vegas. After ordering the itinerary, all I had to do was call the local supplier to confirm the location before the trip. This experience begins with a luxurious limo pick-up and drop off at the helicopter boarding pad. Just inform the hotel of the pickup location in advance, and there will be a ride prepared for guests, making the journey easy and enjoyable.
    After getting off the bus, walk into the check-in area, show your credentials, and confirm the boarding weight so that the helicopter can manage the counterweight. While this occurs you can take a break in the waiting area. After waiting for a while, the helicopter pilot will come to the waiting area to lead passengers out the back door of the building and onto the boarding pad.
    Because the weight of the helicopter is relatively light, the load counterweight is important.

    The pilot placed me on the seat next to his, a great position to view the city! Before boarding the helicopter there are professional photographers taking photos of each passenger with the helicopter. Before boarding the helicopter, the pilot explained some safety knowledge, such as how to buckle and unfasten the seat belt, use the headset to talk to everyone, why we cannot use flash, that mobile phones must be switched to flight mode, and much more. When everyone is seated, they are ready to take off. In the beginning, we were taxiing at a low altitude; but, when it reached the airport runway, it slowly climbed into the air.
    The heliport we took is located next to McCarran Airport, close to the Las Vegas Casino Strip.

    Look! At the foot of The Strip, you can see the casinos one after another. From a distance it is hard to see through the dense connection of lights. The height can make some people feel nauseous.

    The helicopter is heading relatively north of the Westgate Resort and Casino. Westgate is close to the Convention center, making it convenient for businessmen to come for meetings and exhibitions.

    Located on the north side of Vegas Boulevard is STRAT Casino, Hotel & Tower. It is not only a restaurant, but also a 1,100 foot observation deck. It is said that the STRAT is now the tallest building west of the Mississippi River, with the world’s highest revolving restaurant on top. Every second allows you to appreciate the beauty of every moment outside of the window. From here, you will be able to view the entirety of the horizon. There are three exciting facilities to test your grit, like the "flying chair" on the top of the tower, the swing carousel, and the roller coaster.

    As the helicopter continues to fly north, you can view Old Town Las Vegas, the place where Vegas originated from. In Old Town, centered on Fremont Street, the restaurants here are not as modern and luxurious as those on The Strip. They are still the birthplace of the culture of Sin City; in particular, a 400 meter-long canopy was built on a previous road. After nightfall, the wonderful light show and movie playback can be dazzling. The sound and light effects are some of the best in the world. Brilliant brilliance.

    Here, the helicopter began circling around Old Town, flying south along the I-15 Freeway in the west.

    After turning around, you can enjoy the view of the hotel group on the Vegas Strip from the east to west.
    After the experience is over, you return to the landing pad and the pilot will lead everyone off the helicopter to the waiting room. Everyone will go through a photo and video counter to enjoy the photos taken before boarding the helicopter. What is more surprising is that there is no need to purchase additional photos. The staff were so moved that they directly sent the photos to me.
    After everything was over, the staff quickly and neatly arranged the shuttle bus according to the most convenient route to the hotel where the passengers were staying. It only took me a few minutes to arrive at the hotel.

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