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Las Vegas Transportations


You have just entered the Las Vegas strip, but there is one big problem: you have an hour-long walk before you make it to your hotel. Casinos and hotels are one thing about Las Vegas, but transportations is still another part of the city you shall have to take into consideration. Here is a list of transportation methods you can take to zoom around Vegas.

Deuce Bus
The Deuce is a system of buses for everyone that can take you around Vegas. The Deuce is run by the Regional Transportation Commission, and it runs 24 hours a day over 51 routes. The Deuce is also probably the least expensive way to travel around the strip, with AC and enough space to accompany almost 100 people.

One of the coolest ways to travel around Vegas, the Monorail connects all of the greatest stops in the Strip, with an amazing view to boot. Spanning 3.9 miles it is one of the fastest ways to travel around the city. Enjoy a completely automated, traffic free trip.

Rental Car
One of the most obvious ways to travel around the city, rental cars are the best choice if you would like a more hands-on experience. There are many companies loaning out cars in Vegas, each sporting a variety of cars. You can rent cars from minivans to the best sports cars.


In Las Vegas, taxis are a common sight to see in the streets. There are over 3,000 vehicles in the fleet, with thousands of drivers working around the day to get you to where you need to be.

Free Tram
In Las Vegas, some casinos offer a tram service, though they only connect to partners. That is no big problem though, a few minutes of walking can easily make up for the fact that the trip is completely cost free. Casinos like the Aria, Mandalay Bay, and Mirage offer this service.

CX Centennial Express Bus
Run by the same group that operates The Deuce (Regional Transportation Commission), the CX Centennial Express is also a system of buses. The CX Centennial Express connects the McCarran International Airport, the Bonneville Transit Center in Las Vegas, and more.  CX provides a fast connection inside of the city.

Bike Share
RTC Bike Share is a system that allows for people to rent bikes within stations in the downtown area of Las Vegas. Renting a bike from one of these stations is as easy as ordering a meal from McDonalds, all customers have to do is checkout a bike at one of the kiosks provided. These electronic bikes are available year round, at every hour of the day.

Uber / Lyft
Another form of taxis in Las Vegas, Ubers and Lyfts are always available for customer use. Renting a car is as easy as downloading the app and calling a driver. Once done, you have access to almost all of the city. A taxi in Las Vegas is now literally a tap away.

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