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Barry Zhang, CPA

Barry Zhang, CPA

3528 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    Barry Zhang CPA Firm is an established professional accounting firm to help our clients to achieve their financial goals and minimize their taxes while remaining in compliance with tax laws. We provide each client with both comprehensive and personalized attention. Our accounting firm was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals. We provide a wide variety of tax, accounting, auditing and management advisory services to wide range of businesses and industries, including: import and export, restaurant, retails, real estate, professional services, manufacture, real estate, retailing transportation.
   Barry Zhang, CPA, was granted two education degrees in Baruch College and Princeton University. He has extensive experiences in accounting and finance fields. His previous work was from small accounting agency, mid-size accounting LLP to big-four accounting firms. He also served as accounting manager in private and non-profit corporations. He was the president of the Chinese American society of CPAs. (2011-2012) and is the board director of Asian American Insurance & Financial Professional Association.
    We provides complete business services to our clients from setting up sole proprietor company, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, and Partnership, LLC; helping apply restaurant, laundry, appearance enhancement and liquor licenses, etc.; establishing accounting system; selecting business software; preparing financial statements, audit report; filing Corp- tax, payroll tax, sales tax, individual income tax;  and handling business purchase and sold, exchanging, and dissolution.
    We provide tax services for 50 states in the U.S., not only corporation tax service, but also individual tax service. Our Taxes saving strategies tell you how to minimize the income tax for family through real property management, child education planning, retirement planning, and investment. We can provide representation services before the IRS as well as State and local tax authorities and we are also experienced in negotiating offers in compromise with IRS.
    We care about you and our service price is affordable.

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