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VIP US Tours

VIP US Tours

8668 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89117
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  VIP US Travel founded in 2013, is specialized services for Chinese and American tourists, providing a variety of travel services company headquartered in the city known as the desert oasis of Las Vegas that never sleeps in United States.
  VIP Tour & Travel customers in good faith, for the purpose of customer service, professional, intentions, patience is the principle of commitment to provide the best travel services and information in a short time become a highly acclaimed tour company in the industry, the business expands from Las Vegas to the whole United States, whether it is a self-tour or travel package tours, the company are committed to offering a variety of quality products to meet the different needs of customers.
  VIP Tour & Travel services business is mainly engaged in the East, the West Coast tourism business and related information consulting, especially for independent travel guests tailored travel plans, such as the perfect golf vacation, scenery Yi Li of photography experience, unique to Las Vegas wedding celebration, the nation elite tour, the exhibition event planning and so on. Company to Las Vegas for the core business, have a good experience working with major hotels in Las Vegas, where you can experience the regal hotel services, while the company will also arrange special entertainment events, sun circus performances, MGV shooting experience, Helicopter Air travel, rental cars, PGA golf, hot air balloon birds eye view, and so on. Las Vegas is the city can bring people surprises, only if you feel the wonderful feeling from it, it is different.
  VIP Tour & Travel while the Chinese domestic tourism companies have a good working relationship and close business dealings, we are committed to the history and culture of the motherland, the beautiful mountains and introduced to the people of the world, set up a communication link, bridge of cooperation between China and Unite States.
  As the travel services industry in one, VIP Tour & Travel adhere to the customer experience in the first place, in order to guarantee high-quality, and more cordial, professional, economic and convenient service, allowing guests to experience the fun of travel, we become the most trusted Partners!

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