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The Home Fashion

The Home Fashion

4079 Renate Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89103
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    The spatial arrangement of the elements is nothing more than furniture,decoration and plants, whether it is modern and simple, stylish luxury, rural retreat or mix, as long as the position, scale, color, texture, proper use, the space will have a life. On space, The Home Fashion believe there is only one rule: Free use, create a unique style. The Home Fashion sales furniture concept, the "reality" is the company largest philosophy and purpose.
  Products: We insist on consumer products is really the best shopping guarantee;
  Sales: We emphasize good sales interaction is a long-term business;
  Price : We really deep credit price feedback is the largest shopping niche;
  Service: We provide the best service is to give consumers the best protection.
  European and American designer furniture, factory outlets; free shipping installation and lifetime maintenance.

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