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Lee, Allen DMD

Lee, Allen DMD

5700 Spring Mountain Rd., #S&T Las Vegas, NV 89146
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    Increase with age, there will be some small problems for our teeth. For we are old healthy teeth bite there, so from now on, you have to pay attention to the maintenance of your teeth. Smiley Dental Indications Project: general dentistry, children dentistry, cosmetic bleaching, incurable diseases. Specialization: crowns bridges, periodontal surgery, dental extractions, root canal treatment, dentures, full mouth dentures, dental cleaning teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, incurable diseases. Dr. Lee, has 11 years of service casino Chinese. Dr. Lee personally interrogation surgery to treat a patient and attentive. Sincere smile dental clinic accepts most insurance, uninsured and another special offer. Your smile from the "teeth" confident, healthy from the "teeth" to start.

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