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1st Priority Realty
Tel :     702-835-8855
Fax :     702-835-8858
Web :
Address :    6370 W. Flamingo Rd., #5 Las Vegas, NV 89103

1st Priority Realty is independently owned in Las Vegas and comprised of experts dedicated to their clients in helping to facilitate the transfer of real estate in a professional & friendly environment within the communities we serve.

In a complex market like today, real estate transactions are tough but not impossible. The best skills and strategies are required to build the alliances needed to expedite a successful closing. Our licensed Realtors have streamlined the real estate process to save thousands and pass this significant savings on to our clients without compromising on service.

1st Priority Realty, first opened its doors in 2005 and has been rated in the top 3% of production sales for 2010, making our Real Estate company one of the top in Las Vegas.

As active members of our local, state, national Real Estate and MLS Associations, we achieve our vision by helping clients realize their dreams of home ownership & property sales through our knowledge of buying and selling in this dynamic real estate market. We continuously strive to improve our services through continued education, creativity, growth, and experiences, while keeping honesty & integrity above all. Our Core Values have always been a steel of strength to our foundation and success.

We take responsibility in playing an integral part of helping people make our communities in Las Vegas to become a memorable place.

Whether buying or selling real estate in Las Vegas, Service of Excellence is our guarantee for the key to your new home.

Branch Staff BRANCH / STAFF
  Eugene Wang 702-688-3828    
6370 W. Flamingo Rd., #5 Las Vegas, NV 89103
Asian American Realty & Management 702-222-0078 More info   
4651 Spring Mountain Rd., #B1 Las Vegas, NV 89102
City Villa Realty & Management 702-222-0576 More info   
4990 S. Rainbow Blvd., #120 Las Vegas, NV 89118
eProNet 702-373-2589 More info   
6149 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118
Golden River Realty 702-233-8132 More info   
5760 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89146
Huanghai International Development 702-613-3888 More info   
3556 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
LandMark Realty 702-220-8866 More info   
1426 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146
Leading Vegas Realty 702-545-6050 More info   
7318 W. Post Rd., #204 Las Vegas, NV 89113
New ERA Realty 702-672-2885 More info   
6175 Spring Mountain Rd., #2B Las Vegas, NV 89146
One Stop Realty 702-912-4828 More info   
3030 S. Jones Blvd., #106 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Remco 702-982-3784 More info   
6450 Spring Mountain Rd., #11 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Summit Properties 702-326-6223 More info   
5510 S. Fort Apache Rd., #33 Las Vegas, NV 89148
Total Real Estate of Nevada 702-858-1288 More info   
6420 Spring Mountain Rd., #16 Las Vegas, NV 89146
Vegas Regional Center 951-768-6868 More info   
3556 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
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