In the vision of professional, responsible, and innovative, “Las Vegas Chinese News Network” (LVCNN), we provid" />

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Las Vegas Chinese News Network
Las Vegas Chinese News Network
Tel :    702-685-6600
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6450 Spring Mountain Rd., #9 Las Vegas, NV 89146

In the vision of professional, responsible, and innovative, “Las Vegas Chinese News Network” (LVCNN), we provide subscribers the latest and the fastest News and Current Events in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Ever since LVCNN has been established, the reader friendly contents and most excellent advertising layouts have become the leader of the local Chinese newspaper in Las Vegas Chinese Community. LVCNN offers the largest distribution with the most accurate up-to-date information on the local community events on the website, readers and businesses owners highly recognized LVCNN as the most influential newspaper in Las Vegas. In addition, due to popular demands, various local industry leaders, including the restaurants and real estate agents choose LVCNN as the preferred target marketing and advertising tool for its success.

LVCNN publishes twice during the week in the format of Weekly Edition on Tuesdays and Weekend Edition on Fridays. Each edition contains over 30 pages of compelling news reports and eye-catching advertisements that distributes throughout Las Vegas and Los Angeles’s major Chinese communities. Free sets of LVCNN can be located at all Asian supermarkets, Chinese restaurants and a variety of local Asian businesses. Today, LVCNN is the most conveniently accessible newspaper for all readers and demonstrates effective advertising to business owners that chose LVCNN.

LVCNN was created by a group of distinguished Journalism professionals who had the desire to deliver its local community with easily approachable newspaper content that provided access to both current, international and US news in Chinese. It now offers a diverse array of news which includes arts, entertainment, finance, health, life style and real estate.

As the modern community network provider, LVCNN has launched its own networking website; to increase readers and future business prospects. It provides in sharing Las Vegas and Los Angeles Chinese community news and information for foreign viewers, which will increase their knowledge about the both highly developed cities in the United States.

We guarantee that LVCNN will serve as valuable advertising tool for your business achievements by providing effective communication service. In addition to offering the personal attention to accomplish your business objectives, LVCNN will provide the Most reasonable price and deliver the best results.

Our office hours of LVCNN are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6 pm.  For more information, please visit us at  Also please do not hesitate to call us at (702)685-6600 or email us at



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